Set an outline

A good content marketing strategy will focus on  following  basic aspects .

  1. First step in creating  content  (specify why you plan to create content includes clients goals , marketing  goals  and product information )
  2.  Content do we need? ( Make an outline defining audience  their needs and  goals )

Define your audience

To develop a successful plan, you need to clearly define your content’s target audience  By knowing your target audience, you can produce more relevant and valuable content that they’ll want to read and convert on. Understanding what content works best and where can also be useful in the long run. Valuable information can be gleaned by checking what types of sites your prospects are already visiting, which content they engage with, and which social media platforms they share content on.

Make your plans

Its time to set your plans your competitors likely have a similar product as yours, which means your potential customers need to know what makes yours better or, at least, different more specific you are and the more you focus on your niche, the greater your chances of establishing yourself as an authority in your field whether your readers are looking for information or entertainment. Focus on formats you need to meet your audience where they are.While you may figure out through social media platforms Facebook Google Instagram  through  podcast or YouTube Otherwise, you may waste time creating content that either won’t reach your audience or capture their attention.


Marketing to make content reliable / Results

After mapping out your content strategy through process of awareness, consideration, purchase, usage, and advocacy now its time to measure outcome

Measuring the results of your strategies of creating content  is one of the most important aspects of developing an effective content strategy. Churning out content without analyzing your user feedback is akin to having a phone conversation on mute. You need to know what your audience like or not . Its  time to turn your audience passions and your brand strengths and priorities into the foundations or ‘themes’ of your content strategy.

Use what you know about your audience and draw from your research and content audit to answer the following questions

  1. What content have you identified that your audience is consuming?
  2. What do you as a brand have the right to speak about? Answer this truthfully, as this will help your brand be more authentic?
  3. What can you as a brand bring that is new to the conversation?
  4. What platforms will allow you to best deliver this content?

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