Build an unstoppable team.

its time of crisis so first thing is stay relax and open minded . Your employees are more than just employees. Let them know that you care, that they make a difference on your team, and that without them, the company wouldn’t be the same. Make your employees family, and treat them as such, and they will stick by you. .Let yourself  your employees and  customers know that you are still there for them and are taking the necessary steps to ensure their safety. Show them that you care and that you are doing everything you can to look out for their best interests.Be helpful and try to maintain your great reputation with customers, competitors, and industry leaders during and after a crisis . Give you peace of mind as an employer and company you’ll be ready for any situation that comes your way.

Assemble a crisis management team

Identify types of crises.Determine the impact of each type of crisis on your business and consider the actions you’d need to take to resolve each type of crisis. Decide who will be involved in the actions you need to take in each scenario and develop resolution plans for crisis by training employees  Commit to acting on the lessons from the crisis, developing new norms, and preventing unnecessary practices from the pre-crisis period from creeping back in. This helps build confidence in the future direction of the organization.

Everyone involved in your crisis management plans should be trained on the role they’re expected to play. You might choose to do this through meetings and presentations, or bring in experts to chat with your employees about how to manage their job functions during a crisis.

Increase productivity

Take actions

Its time of taking  action the best ideas and strategies remain just that ideas and strategies. They won’t become reality unless they are consistently underpinned and supported with daily and massive action. Take action every day, and inspire your team to do the same in order to emerge stronger and better from the crisis.Implement new processes new technology and systems to be more effective and efficient in your business

Consider following these steps to help lead your business and team through a crisis, and I believe you’ll emerge stronger and better positioned as a result.

Monitoring and update new plans

Revisit and update your plans regularly and when necessary. Try not  to panic and to stay calm in a time of crisis. Control what you can, make the right decisions keeping in mind the best interests of your customers, employees, and stakeholders. Try to spread optimism through your positive actions . Consider again and again think and think monitor  plans With a good plan and lots of zeal, your organization will be able to sail through even the most turbulent crises

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